09 November 2012

Snapshots + Hurricane Relief

This weekend, there will be chocolate chip cookies, a family shoot in the city, clean laundry, and a date night out. I'm also going to try my best to stop by the Hurricane Relief Bake Sale hosted at the Dwell Studio shop in Soho.

Additionally, Jenna and Alice both created absolutely stunning New York City-themed photo calendars and will donate a percentage of their November profits to local hurricane relief organizations.

I didn't have much time to pick up the camera this week, so a selection of recent instagram snapshots is the visual I'm offering today. Happy weekend, all!


  1. wonderful collection of images.

    hope you have a lovely weekend :)

  2. Have a fab weekend, Kayla. Love your shot of the City!

  3. Such a beautiful breakfast–happy weekend, darling!


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