27 November 2012

Thanksgiving In Rhode Island

Thanksgiving day consisted entirely of eating, walking, and lazing around puffing out our bellies. The general schedule of events was as follows:

11:00 AM: Arrive at my mom's place in Providence, RI.
11:30 AM: Graze on appetizers.
12:30 PM: Stroll a couple of blocks to the water with the neighbor's pup and stop to pet a million other dogs we encounter along the route.
2:00 PM: Return to the house, carve the turkey, and FEAST!
3:00 PM: Walk a few miles in a different direction; stop to swing, watch ducks, and take a series of  "style" photos to commemorate the occasion.
4:30 PM Admire the sunset.
5:00 PM: Return to the house, pick on leftovers, and unhook a button or two.
5:30 PM: Collapse with hot tea and several slices of pie.

The menu:

Roasted turkey; stuffing; mashed potatoes; sweet potatoes, butternut squash; brussels sprouts; cranberry sauce (from a can--it's my favorite thing in the entire world); pumpkin pie; apple crisp.

What did your day (and plate) look like?


  1. Ahhh, perfect. Plus, does this post win the award for Most Adorable Dogs In One Post?

  2. Love all the cute pups, and you & your family...adorable! Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! xo

  3. Such a happy day! Love these pics....That dog over the fence is too funny.

    I spent the morning and first part of the afternoon cooking, cleaning, and popping stuff into the oven. Our company starting filing in around 2pm and we sat down to eat around 3pm. After that, there was lots of sitting around visiting, eating candy and pie, and doing more visiting.

    This year, I ate the most I have ever eaten...I decided that I liked everything on my plate. Dangerous! Turkey, stuffing, mac and cheese, sweet potato souflee, green bean casserole, cauliflower with shrimp sauce, cranberry sauce, and some jello salad. Cranberry sauce is second only to the stuffing. Good stuff!

  4. gorgeous you plus lots of puppies!!!! score. since i don't eat turkey my plate is one big carb festival. dressing with a side of dressing.

  5. ah, normally i'm in RI for Thanksgiving too (South shore), but not this year. Seems like you had a lovely day! hope you are well, Kayla!

  6. If you're not the cutest, I don't know who is! This looks like a perfect New England Thanksgiving. Of course, SF was 70 degrees and sunny, we managed to cope...

  7. we did the holiday in Rhode Island too - South County...the trees were still pretty in some places down there! I am the only one who loves the cranberry sauce from a can...so I got a whole can to myself :-) How lucky was I!!!

  8. How cute are you in that dress?!

    Thanksgiving was ages ago here. I can't even remember what we ate ;~)

    Rhode Island looks beautiful. Perfect place to celebrate being thankful!

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