01 November 2012

Warmth and Well-Being

I've spent the better part of my week glued to the television, following reports detailing the after-effects of the hurricane and what that means for the city and surrounding communities. Things like this have a way of slapping you with a heavy dose of perspective.

With unexpected extra time on my hands due to schools remaining closed, I'm finding comfort in over-sized knit socks, french-pressed coffee, and the quiet hissing of the radiator coming to life--small luxuries I'm inclined to take for granted.

I baked a loaf of bread yesterday. I was anxious and needing to stimulate my hands. I've never fully understood the concept of no-knead recipes. Kneading is the most satisfying component of bread-making for me. While thoughts race through my mind, my fingers and palms rhythmically press, tuck, mold, and stretch until the mental load diminishes, even if only minimally.

Wishing you warmth and well-being, today and always.


  1. hope you are well & staying warm :)

  2. I can imagine that would be relaxing...beautifully said!

  3. Glad to hear you're staying safe and warm, friend!

  4. I think the reality just hit for my dad (who was responsible for the NJ house while my mama stayed in RI) today–they expect that the power will be out for at least another week, there's no gas to be found and they have to hike to homes that have power just to keep their phones charged. And they've got it easy in comparison!

    I bought my flights home for Xmas yesterday and I realized–I might not be able to go into NYC, or at least not as easily as usual. It's heartbreaking.

    1. Lena, I'm so sorry your parents are affected. Tons of my close friends and all of my students and their families are without power/heat right now. It is heart-breaking, and obviously that's not the worst by a long shot.

      In happier news, might I get to see your beautiful face this December? We're headed to Europe to see T's family, but perhaps our NY/NJ dates will overlap...

  5. I'm so glad you're safe and finding comfort. Sending lots of love!

  6. glad to hear you're safe, kayla!


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