10 December 2012

Brunch at Bleu Evolution

...What the very best Saturday mornings are made of. I'm now fantasizing about moving to my sister's neighborhood and making this a regular weekend tradition.

Can we all take a minute to raise the roof for that orange knit hat? I stole it from Emma with the promise to return it tonight ('Cause she's in a show! And we're going to see it!).

I'm taking a break from "Scenes From the Weekend" because I feel like it was becoming stagnant. Maybe in a few weeks I'll feel differently. For now, let's shake things up a bit.

Happy Monday. Go get funky. (Or not. Whatever floats your boat).


  1. Looks fabulous-and love the hat! Consider the roof raised.

  2. I still love your Scenes From the Weekend! Your pictures definitely push me to at least WANT to try to be a better (ie more creative) photographer. :)

    Saturday mornings are great. Especially when they involve brunch, out.

  3. Love the pop of orange! Looks like a fabulous brunch!

  4. I was just going to say... you are the only girl I know who can ROCK an orange toque. Love it.


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