30 December 2012

In Review

In January, I grew paper whites on my windowsill, made a resolution to focus on improving my photography skills, visited my grandparents in Boston, became obsessed with printing instagram photos, and divulged all of my beauty secrets.

In February, I declared my one-day dream to open a flower shop, survived the interview portion of the grueling application process in obtaining Tiho's citizenship, spent most weekends cozied up at home, and went on walks to bask in the mild winter temperatures.

In March, the highlight of the month was a trip to Northern California to visit my friend Emily (One, Two, Three, Four). I also enjoyed a daffodil dinner picnic and delighted in Spring's glorious arrival.

In April, it rained a lot, I documented my breakfast (how exciting am I?), sought self-improvement, saved up for and bought a shiny red bicycle, and had plentiful dates with friends in the city.

In May, I shared several things I was afraid to tell you, waxed poetic over peonies and the life I am building; spent a wonderful day exploring Brooklyn with my sister, mingled with the neighbors, and
kicked off the unofficial start of summer with a Memorial Day weekend trip to the best place on earth, Cape Cod.

In June, I hiked the reservation, went strawberry picking, baked treats with our fruit bounty, fell easily into the rhythm of relaxed summer living, taught three weeks of half-day summer camp where I utilized my free afternoons to drink coffee & stroll aimlessly, and drove to the North Shore of Massachusetts to attend a dear friend's wedding.

In July, I reminisced about a special anniversary, road-tripped to the beach to celebrate the 4th, proclaimed this the "summer of the city," mingled with chickens at Stone Barns Farm, received an insider's tour of the Bronx Botanical Gardens, watched an outdoor movie overlooking the East River, invested in my now beloved lens, and ate my weight in cheese at a beer & cheese class in the west village.

In August, I pondered the weirdness of the internet, partied like a rockstar at a friend's engagement party, relished lazy afternoons at home,  brunched with a blogger friend, wandered Park Slope with my camera, and launched my baby & kids portrait photography business!

In September, I turned twenty-six the same day my grandmother passed away, felt inspired to write a life list, kicked off a new school year, gallivanted through the apple orchard, juggled photo shoots almost every weekend, and celebrated one year of marriage with a sunset sail along the Hudson River.

In October, we hosted one of Tiho's high school pals and took her all over New York City,  I became swept away by the splendor of fall, broke the law in the name of a photo-op, traveled to Pennsylvania for a shoot, and sustained the devastation that was Hurricane Sandy.

In November, America reelected Barack Obama as President of the United States (woo hoo!), we enjoyed Thanksgiving at my mom's new home in Rhode Island, and I found myself enamored with the quiet comforts of the holiday season.

In December, I reveled in my morning coffee and evening clementines, spent a cozy weekend with my sister, felt deep horror and sadness in the wake of the Newtown school shooting, and boarded a plane with my love to spend two weeks with his family in Bulgaria.


2012 was all over the place. This year tossed some tough stuff our way, but with it, a lot of beauty and love as well. Seeing it woven together like this makes what they say ring very, very true: the days are long but the years are undeniably short.

Who knows what 2013 will bring. There will be changes. We'll be moving this spring, my school is opening a new location in a different part of the city, and hopefully, we'll grow our family. I'll let you ponder if that means the addition of a dog...a baby...or both. :-)

Goodbye, 2012. And 2013? Bring on your surprises.

P.S. 2011's year in review.


  1. Happy New Year, Kayla! I love visiting your blog; thank you for sharing part of your life here. I wish you much love and light in the coming year!

    1. Thank you so much, Lisa. Love & light to you, too!

  2. I'm working on this post myself! Love the little quote you shared, I've heard that but it'sexactly how I feel sometimes. :) Excited about 2013. Can't wait to see what it brings your way!

  3. A great review...wishing you both a very Happy New Year! Very exciting to think about either of those family additions, or both! xo

  4. this is a beautiful review – I love seeing your year in photos. Happy New Year to you, kayla!

  5. Have a fantastic New Year, Kayla! May it bring all the things you hope so, and some surprises too! Enjoy your time in Bulgaria. What "luck" did you pick from the banitza?

    1. Thanks, Maya! I got "new house" and Tiho got "baby," so I'd say we're all set.

      [though I do think his mom slightly rigged it] :-)

  6. This is the best year in review I've seen. Powerful combination of words and images.

  7. Happy 2013! I'm getting back into blogging and am excited to see all the wonderful things you've been up to lately!


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