12 December 2012

Making a List, Checking it Twice

This wish list is mostly for Emma's benefit, as she always asks me what I want for Christmas/birthdays and then ends up buying something off my blog. A smart one she is, that sister of mine. Here's what I came up with based on my laptop's open browser tabs. (Speaking of which, Tiho wants to design me a t-shirt displaying my personal catchphrase: "Don't close my tabs!" (No, but seriously, never ever close my tabs).

ONE: My favorite perfume. I've been out for over six months and haven't gotten around to reordering.
TWO: The Hat Book. A collection of images by one of my all-time favorite photographers.
THREE: A yellow coffee/tea pot. Because it's super duper cute.
FOUR: Leather Stud Wallet. Simple, classic, stylish, & well-made. (I'd use this for years).
FIVE: Vintage Kaj Franck Heart Bowl. Dream collector's item (aka, always on my ultimate wish list).
SIX: Original Lulie Wallace Art Print. This would be a lovely addition to my collection.
SEVEN: Little Flower Cookbook. I love the name. And the recipes sound delicious.
EIGHT: Chemex 6-Cup Glass Coffee Maker. How is it possible I don't already own this?
NINE: Gradiated Striped Rug, size 9x12. Unbeatable price for the quality & size.
TEN: Clybourn Loft Chair. Two words: green velvet.


  1. John has closed my tabs enough times to know that only unhappiness will befall him if he does.

  2. You always pick the best stuff Kayla! I've been having a grand time catching up on your posts! Oh, also I just started a questionnaire on my blog... posted my first one yesterday. Will you go over and take a look and see if you might do it?? If so, leave me a comment! XX Jessica

  3. I kid you not, my childhood couch is green velvet. My mom still has it, but it is covered, now, because the velvet has worn thin in patches.


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