23 January 2013

It Is All Comfort

"Every day I walk out into the world to be dazzled, then to be reflective. It suffices, it is all comfort."
 -Mary Oliver

Plus, a few links to recently enjoyed things:

Eloping in Paris. (I got emotional after watching this and ran upstairs to jump into Tiho's arms).
Would love to take this online flower arranging class later this spring.
Writing About What Haunts Us. Powerful and visceral.
And more on writing (and living): The Art of Being Still.
Simplify the Internet. A bit extreme, but I like it.
A recipe for Whole-wheat orange blossom bread. Yes please.
Baby shoes! (No, not an announcement).
Current favorite blogs: Ashore, One Claire Day, Ché & Fidel, & long-time fave Sprouted Kitchen.

*Photo of wind-blown me taken by T, who is slowly turning into the resident expert photographer over here.


  1. I really just want to eat whole wheat orange blossom bread and take an online flower arranging class now.

  2. Girl, you've got baby fever BAD, don't you?! :)

  3. Love the link about simplifying the internet. :)

  4. I read your simplifying link earlier - boy does it ring true. : )


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