21 January 2013

My Favorite Subject

I always thought I didn't like science because I was bad at math. My sixteen-year-old self often engaged internal conversations that went something like this: "Nah, I can't be a pediatrician--that means med school which means a lot of numbers and memorization and oh yeah, dead bodies with blood and guts." Not my jam.

I've been employed in some form or another since the age of fourteen. I lasted two weeks interning at an entertainment PR firm in the city. I've prepared sandwiches at a bagel shop, taught six-year-olds how to swim, perfected my tan (burn) on the lifeguard stand, and sat behind a desk bored out of my mind filing administrative paperwork on work study. There was the summer I co-managed a team of 150+ undergrads while serving as the new student orientation coordinator at my college. I was a nanny extraordinaire (just call me Kayla Poppins). I've worked at an after-school program in Manhattan and as a summer camp counselor. I cried every night for a year while teaching middle schoolers in Washington heights as a twenty-two-year-old idealist straight out of college with absolutely no clue about anything (in retrospect).

And now? I'm five years into my early childhood teaching career, barely a few months past the launch of my photography business, and the whole tangled web feels like it's finally beginning to smooth itself out.

All this to say, while I may not have aced chemistry, I sure as hell can appreciate the science behind an excellent cup of coffee.


  1. gorgeous light in those photos :)

    sounds like all those experiences have led you to a good place.

    1. Vickie, I think so! At the very least, they've taught me about what I want and what I'm capable of.

  2. Coffee is always wonderful. My past job list looks similar to yours toss in a Kmart and Target in there for my highschool jobs. HA

  3. Lovely post, Kayla. And that coffee, oy, I have to prepare one now, too. I could literally smell the fresh coffee all the way to Germany...

  4. I seriously love your posts. Your life is so simple and pretty yet hectic all at the same time. I love how much you love your job and it just shows. Your posts are always inspiring, specially this one for some reason.

  5. Wow! I love how you whipped it around at the end right back to science. My sister is an early childhood teacher here in Australia, and yesterday we went to her classroom (a renovated church, just stunning), and filled it with all sorts of fun things. Our school year starts soon!


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