22 January 2013

Snug As A Bug

Where oh where is the snow? Winter is mildly bearable when a sparkling blanket is present on the twisted skeleton trees. Right now, New York is experiencing the teeth-chattering type of cold you feel deep in your bones. So, because I have nothing better to do (a lie--I'm procrastinating), I deemed it fitting to pull together a few cozy provisions currently helping me muster the energy to do anything other than burrow deep under the duvet.

ONE: Sunny-colored flowers. Daffodils are just beginning to pop up in the markets (yay!).
TWO: Cute pompom hats. Makes braving the windchill not quite as terrible.
THREE: Spritzing on a yummy, summery fragrance to trick myself into thinking that season is near.
FOUR: Cozy pajama pants. I'm inclined towards this striped pair.
FIVE: An oversized cable knit throw pillow. I bought mine years ago at Pottery Barn and adore it.
SIX: Socks in a fun, happy pattern. Because nothing is worse then cold toes.
SEVEN: Something hot in my mug at all times. I love a bit of citrus & spice.

Is it freezing where you are? What are some items in your "stay warm" arsenal?


  1. I had my hometown's weather pulled up instead of SF's this morning, and I thought I would keel over when I saw how cold it was! I love thin long johns under my jeans and sweater–and never-ending cups of cocoa!

  2. Cozy + cute...bring on the snow!

  3. other side of the world here, so definitely not freezing!

    those pj pants look awesome however :)

  4. I wear a really thin Patagonia vest under my coat. Makes all the difference! Stay warm, my friend.

  5. I love everything you have picked out!


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