11 January 2013

Things I Saw While Walking Around (In Bulgaria)









I haven't really seen much since our return stateside. Unless you count my bed (plenty of nighttime face-planting) or my calendar (though not in possession of enough motivation to make any real headway there).

I've taken to proclaiming that normal order will return once we clean the house on Saturday.

I'll let you know how that plan fares next week.

Until then!


  1. Life after vacation.....Soooo hard! I didn't even go anywhere and life still isn't back to 100% normal after the holidays. I better get it together!

  2. cleaning always helps restore order...great captures!

  3. I love the street art! Would love to see more!

  4. lovely photos, adore the coffee cup!

  5. wonderful, love the cup.

    hope you have a lovely weekend & that the cleaning helps :)

  6. I love everything about it, especially the graffiti!!! Wonderful photos!

  7. Wow, this is such a beautiful collection of bits and pieces from Bulgaria! I am obsessed with that coffee mug.


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