07 February 2013

Miss Aria Rose

I am in love with photographing itty bitty newborn babies.

Meet Aria Rose, age two weeks (at time of shoot). A pint-sized little peanut, this one; she fit into the crook of my arm.

For the most part, she slept through the two-hour shoot, but I managed to capture those pretty blues when they opened once or twice.

Don't you want to just squeeze her? So smushy and sleepy and sweet.

I'm not usually a big prop person, but her mama had a few on hand, so we had some fun. I have to admit, that elf pom hat is beyond adorable and I will totally don my own naked baby in the same get-up.

...Though Aria wasn't afraid to voice her opinion on the ginormous pink bow.


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  1. These photos are STUNNING–you captured her sweet, fresh pinkness so perfectly!

  2. these are beautiful, kayla! and so is she - what a lovely name, too!

  3. The one with the elf hat- absolutely stunning! I am amazed at your talent!

  4. Kayla, your pics of our baby are amazing to look at. Thanks for being such a wonderful photographer! Nice blog too :)



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