19 February 2013

Navigating The Unknown

My sister recently quit her job in an industry that wasn't making her happy. She did so in a smart, responsible way by taking care to build a plentiful savings first. As her big sister, I always worry about her well-being, but relative to this major life decision? I only feel pride and awe. It's funny how things really start happening when you employ trust in the universe and take that initial first step towards change. The past few weeks unearthed some exciting new opportunities for her, and I cannot wait to watch her navigate whatever comes next.

Talking with her about all of this made me do some serious self-reflection of my own. To speak candidly, this last month has been a total whirlwind, and currently, my life feels like it's smack dab in the middle of uncertainty. We're waiting to hear whether or not we successfully acquired out first-choice home. We need to be out of our current home by the end of March and we might not know about this next one until two weeks beforehand. That's scary. I also recently booked a couple of photography jobs for this spring that will completely push me out of my comfort zone. Self-confidence is certainly a fickle beast, especially when it's directly proportional to a steep new learning-curve.

The thing is, I know that change is good. Challenge is good. I (mostly) thrive under pressure, and pressure is what these next couple of months will likely be characterized by. I'm equal parts terrified and hopeful for all that's ahead. The sun still rises up over the horizon every morning, and as long as I've got air in my lungs and a heart beating in my chest, I know that I can face--and conquer--anything.

P.S. That sweet little mug up there is named Waldo. We spent the night at Emma's place on Saturday night, and so did he. Waldo is as big of a cuddly sweetheart as they come. He and Tiho became fast friends.


  1. This was a surprise. Thanks for the words, and that pic of Waldo is precious. Those eyes! Love you sissa

  2. Change and challenge often brings wonderful things, or at least shows us what we're capable of, but it certainly isn't fun or easy. To conquering your fears and being your brilliant self!

  3. Waldo is adorable :)

    wishing you all the best with the challenges ahead (& your sister as well) :)

  4. Good luck with the move, the waiting and not knowing part sounds really stressful, but hopefully with a wonderful payoff in the end. I loved reading about your sister's decision as I just made a similiar one myself after much debate over the practicality of a reliable income vs getting my happiness back. The support of friends in making the decision to leave made a world of difference in feeling good about the decision and knowing it was the right one for me. As you said, trusting the universe and making positive changes can be difficult, but so often worthwhile. I hope your sister finds a better fit for what she wants, and much happiness along the way!

    1. Thanks Ginna, I hope that for her (and you! and everyone!) too.


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