18 March 2013

For Storing & Safe-Keeping

We were lucky to have an exorbitant amount of storage space in the home we're about to leave. In doing so, I accumulated boxes upon boxes of mementos and memorabilia, of which I had to weed through and consolidate into one or two bins for the move. It wasn't as difficult as I anticipated: items I'd held onto for sentimental reasons only a few years ago were easy to part with now. The college yearbook I never opened, the cheerleading pompoms from high school, every academic course notebook and binder--that stuff I tossed without blinking an eye.

I mostly kept photo albums, cards and letters. One plastic storage bin and one cardboard box hold almost twenty-seven years worth of cherished memories and beloved words. They're going to live on a shelf in the new apartment, and then probably on another shelf in another house until the day comes when I have children of my own who express interest in learning more about who I am and where I came from.

I can't wait for that day.

(Top left is Emma. Bottom right is me).


  1. I went through the same process last time I moved and I was surprised at what I kept and threw without almost a second thought. All the best with the move, Kayla!

  2. So, so sweet. I can't wait for that time, too...but there is plenty of time. :) I hope your move goes well!! Can't wait to hear more!!

  3. What a wonderful chance to look through all those memories–and beautiful reflection on the future!


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