08 March 2013

My Dentist Wins

I love my dentist. I don't think I've ever uttered those words before, except for maybe when I was four and going to the dentist equated to a tooth tickle and a hand-picked toy out of the prize box.

But really, I adore my new dentist who I've now seen three times in the last month for a minor treatment and subsequent follow-up. This is better than when I was four though: the ceilings have screens that play HGTV while you're reclining and all of the rooms have huge windows that look out onto bustling third avenue. Did I mention how nice he and all of his hygienists are? And gentle? And thorough? And helpful? I never thought I'd write a post all about my dentist, but I'm sitting down to write this at 9 PM on a Friday night after a late afternoon appointment from which I left skipping. Who does that?

On my walk to the train, I stopped for a chocolate coconut pecan cookie and then paused to take this picture on my phone, because good God, sometimes I forget how much I love New York.

Wishing you a weekend filled with a spontaneous surge (or two) of gratitude.


  1. your dentist's rooms sound waaay fancier than any I've ever been too, lol.

    the dentist I go to is pretty nice though :)

  2. That sounds pretty awesome... Being grateful for little things makes the journey through life so much easier and beautiful. Thanks for reminding me about that through this post!

  3. Ooh I'm looking for a new dentist! Do you mind sharing his info?

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