04 March 2013

Pause Button

This weekend was not what I anticipated. Instead of getting ahead on a bunch of things, I was rendered useless with a nasty stomach bug that left me feverish, pitiful and sleeping next to a bucket. Ugh, the joys.

Some conversational gems that arose:

Me: "I think nausea is God's way of saying he hates me."


Tiho: "Eat some crackers."
Me: "Ohhh no, the thought makes me nauseous."
Tiho: "Well then, you'd be no worse off than you are now!"


Tiho: "Does this make you reconsider wanting a baby anytime soon?"
Me: "Yes, I can't imagine enduring morning sickness every day for three months."
Tiho: "No, I meant after you have a baby and you get a stomach bug you can't just lie around moaning and sleeping. You still have to take care of the baby."
Me: "No, you would take care of the baby in that case."
Tiho: "But I don't have nipples."

...Silence followed by hysterical laughter as we both realized what he said and what he meant to say.

Hope your Monday is filled with humor AND good health.


  1. Bwahaha! Hilarious. So sorry you were sick. xo

  2. Hope you are feeling much better now! And isn't it nice to have someone who can make even the icky times fun (momentarily, at least!). That last bit is especially hilarious.

  3. haha! awww. sorry to hear that you were sick – hope you are feeling much much better!

  4. Are you feeling better, Kayla?

  5. A little lightness certainly keeps you feeling better–no matter how crummy! Hope you're feeling better–I'm finally getting to catch up on blogs today because I'm home sick with a head cold!

  6. You guys are so funny. Haha I would think the same way as you... :)


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