11 March 2013

Scenes From The Weekend

This weekend felt loooong, and for that, I am happy. Saturday included morning errands, an afternoon photo shoot at the botanical gardens (a proposal!), and evening tacos. Sunday found us waking early: after fueling up on coffee & pancakes, we accomplished some serious house cleaning, packing and organizing. I had the windows wide open and music blasting all day. It was glorious.

I can't believe it's nearly mid-March. This is my last week teaching until April 2nd, thanks to an extra lengthy spring break. That time will be spent moving! More soon.


  1. the light in that first photo is gorgeous + you make me smile :)

  2. Awwww Tiho Piho looks so cute

  3. A loooong weekend sounds amazing–mine felt much too quick! Can't wait to hear more about this move!

  4. What a fun post! Oddly enough, I love my dentist as well. He even switches from country music to Pandora when I have an appointment!

    I love the pillow cases (shams) in your photo....the white with the pattern and (what I think is) a bird. Would you mind sharing where you found them -- they would be lovely in my master bedroom. Grazzi.....

    1. Sure, Kat! They're from dwell studio, and we LOVE them.

      link right here: http://www.dwellstudio.com/fabric-patterns/chinoiserie-pattern/chinoiserie-tailored-sham-pillow-pair.html

  5. spring cleaning + a move...a perfect combo!

  6. You are so cute! Did you get that place??


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