28 March 2013

Seeking Suggestions: House Plants

I've always been a cut flowers type of gal (still am, always will be), but with the sun-drenched layout in the new place, I'm feeling the urge to fill the whole space with plants. Big, lush, leafy, green plants. My very own arboretum! (Ask me how many attempts it took to spell that word correctly).

Anyway, I need help. I love plants! But I've never really nurtured them indoors before. I'm looking for varieties that fall into the easy-to-keep-alive category. Also, no succulents, please. I'm probably the only blogger who doesn't find them all that appealing. (Same thing with terrariums. And antlers. And clogs. And kale. I know, I suck).

Suggestions? I'm partial to ferns and fiddle leaf fig trees, and will probably start out with one of each to kick things off. Maybe an indoor lemon tree? I've always wanted one of those. Any and all input welcomed, peas and thank you.


  1. I recently purchased a few plants, but when I told the lady at the store I was prone to killing them since I was out of town a lot, she recommended a snake plant, which I do not think you will find appealing since it reminds me of a succulent. I have since added a baby palm tree that I got at Ikea, and so far it is holding up well, being left alone for over 10 days at a time. The indoor lemon tree sounds absolutely amazing though!

  2. I've had an bonsai tree going on ten years now. Other plants have come and gone, but the bonsai is still strong and thriving.


  3. That list of things? I hate them all too. But unfortunately house plants hate me, so I've got zero advice here. Just wanted you to know you're never alone.

  4. I don't know much about plants, yet I've had a few back at my mothers and now two at home which are all still alive. The one that is the oldest (which I still have with me) is a "money plant" or Philodendron, I'm not sure if thats the same thing I seriously dont know its name. It has heart-shaped leaves and it is a vining, climbing plant absolutely gorgeous. Mine is really large now and it is beginning to wrap itself around a pole in my kitchen and I get compliments on it all the time. My mother, aunt, and friend all have the same plant (it is very popular in my neighborhood flower/plant shops) and lasts forever because its so tolerant to its conditions. Its always been very healthy looking with beautiful bright green leaves that brighten up any room. I definitely recommend it to everyone.

  5. Kayla - I am no green thumb, but I have 11 houseplants that have all been doing great for about 2 years now, and they are super low maintenance. I water them once a week by pouring a large tumbler full of ice cubes onto their dirt. Once a year (spring) I buy a $1.97 packet of Miracle Grow houseplant fertilizer spikes and follow the directions on the package until the package runs out. The plants, which all sit in filtered light (i.e. near windows with adjustable blinds/shades or deep inside rooms that have filtered natural light coming through windows on the perimeter), are: yellow-and-green snake plant, mother-in-law's tongue, fiddle leaf fig, z plant, corn plant, philodendron, pilea mollis, and the plant that you show at bottom right of the picture with this post. (I can't remember what it's called.) Oh, and I also have a Christmas cactus. Everything I picked out is recommended for low- to moderate-light. The snake plant and mother-in-law's tongue are really easy to propagate from, so if you buy one you'll get a couple more plants out of it in time. I try to buy from a local nursery for the yard, but for the house plants I've had great luck with Home Depot ... and they will give you your money back if the plant dies within 1 year, provided you have your receipt. We lived for a couple years in our new place without any plants, and adding them has made such a happy difference. They provide just enough green and freshness to really tie a bow on the place. We love them, and visitors seem delighted to see plants as part of our living space.

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