14 March 2013


When you're a small business owner, it really helps having someone around with a penchant for numbers and spreadsheets. In our house, I'm the creative director and Tiho is the business manager. I teach him about backlighting and f-stops, and he teaches me about receipt itemization.

We epitomize the left-brain right-brain dominance theory. As a right-brainer, I'm inclined towards creativity, emotion, color, imagery, expression and intuition. As a left-brainer, Tiho is adept at tasks involving logic, language, analysis, critical thinking, numbers, and reasoning.

We make a good team.


  1. teamwork is definitely a good thing :)

    love the shadow photo!

  2. sweet post! we're exactly the same :)

  3. exactly the same here! I seriously do not know what I would do without Andreas's organization. He keeps me on track and he also takes amazing photos. Hopefully someday we can both work full time for our business, but for now he is my little shadow (and savior) at jobs.
    It is so wonderful to watch your business grow, Kayla! You are so talented :)


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