18 April 2013

Lynne & Brad Get Married

As teenagers, Lynne and Brad fell in love, became engaged, and then broke it off. They both went on to marry other people, have children, and eventually, divorce their respective spouses.

Forty years later (!), I had the privilege of shooting their intimate Sunday brunch wedding at One If By Land Two If By Sea in Manhattan.

The photos above convey a small glimpse into their beautiful, emotion-filled day.

Did I mention Lynne is my boss? And that she requested less traditional photographic coverage comprised entirely of candids?

The ultimate test for a portrait photographer. :-)


  1. These are beautiful, Kayla! and what a romantic story!!

  2. These are lovely candids! Your boss should be thrilled that you were able to catch some precious moments.

  3. First off, what a beautiful love story. Secondly, you did an amazing job at capturing such a special and intimate moment between the two of them :)

    Wishing them many years of happiness.

  4. Absolutely fabulous sweetie! Brought heart-filled tears to my eyes as the emotion is so real and so vivid. Wonderful job. I love you :)

  5. W O W – these photos are absolutely incredible!

    I planned on waiting to tell you this until I had a better idea about wedding plans, but (one of) my secret dream(s) is to get married in NJ and have you shoot it.

    1. This just made me smile so big!

      -Kayla's sis

  6. You did a BEAUTIFUL job!

  7. You did a BEAUTIFUL job!

  8. Wait, their story is awesome. You didn't tell me that part!

    I can't keep up with you my little professional sista.

    When I eventually get married about 300 moons from now, can you at least shoot some engagement pics? I'd love to have you on my wedding but I'm going to need you on the dance floor making a fool with me

  9. beautiful!!!!! the idea of having a brunch wedding is really cool too. i'm imagining lots of mimosas, croissants, honey, pancakes, fruits, all the yummy stuff i love to nosh on! great job!!

  10. what a wonderful story & these photos are gorgeous - you did an amazing job :)

  11. Wow, these photos are gorgeous, Kayla! What a lovely story, as well. That bouquet made me look twice and is unlike any I've ever seen.

  12. Hi Kayla, I haven't been to visit in a while but just wanted to say how beautiful your photography has gotten! x


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