01 April 2013

Scenes From The Weekend

Our weekend included an overnight visit from Emma wherein we caught up over homemade stir fry and yoga lessons (Em is currently working towards her teaching license). After a lazy brunch on Saturday, we drove her back into the city before spending the entire afternoon running errands.

I also purchased some plants! We visited both a nursery and the garden center at Home Depot. Based on several recommendations (thank you), I selected a couple of different varieties including my new favorite, a "Golden Pothos." Additionally, I couldn't resist an oversized flowering pot that will probably only last a couple of weeks since it's supposed to live outdoors. I positioned it in a sunny patch under the window and am feeling optimistic. Fingers crossed.

Now, it's back to work and routine. Spring break is over and April is shaping up to be a particularly busy month. Isn't that always the case following a vacation?

How was your weekend?


  1. Glad you found a plant you like my little horticulturist sister lou.

    Thanks again for your hospitality! And remember-OMMMMMMMM

  2. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful weekend–but I could have used just one more morning in bed!

  3. I had a good weekend. The sun shone and it felt almost summery. I had a water fight with my boys and ate way too many mini-eggs and my spirits started to lift. Here's to April. May it be a million times better than March.

  4. Our easter weekend was relaxing + sweet...you should see the pics of Marie in her easter best on the blog ;)

  5. Thats my plant except part of mine is now proudly vining itself around a small pole next to it in my kitchen. Is that its name? It looks exactly like mine- same color, leaves, every detail- so I'm guessing its the same. I'm so glad I know its name now :) Don't you just feel it liven up the room! Love its lively bright green leaves.


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