23 May 2013

Happy Walls

I recently added this baby giraffe print to the main wall in our living room. So far, it's the only piece of art I've purchased for the new place, and it makes me grin every time I walk through the front door.

Sharon Montrose pretty much has the coolest job ever.


  1. The only thing that's kept me from buying a print is that I just can't chose a favorite!

    We actually moved some art around last night and it was such a great way to change up our space!

  2. Ha, I JUST hung that exact print up on our bedroom wall! Along with the baby kangaroo and baby fox, they now live above Clementine's change table. Oh, and I do remember commenting on your blog that Clementine was my favourite girls names. It's funny though because at that time I was totally convinced that we were having a boy...


  3. I love Sharon Montrose's work...I have adorned many a client's wall with those. Adorable!

  4. oh my, that giraffe is gorgeous :)


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