28 May 2013

Hotel Life

After the most nightmarish day of traveling filled with flight delays, missed connections and plane rerouting, I am happy to be home in New York again.

Our weekend away was wonderful though: it doesn't get much better than plentiful dancing and merry-making at a wedding filled with friends (old and new) and indulgent room service enjoyed in a king-sized bed. Despite the airport annoyance (what's up with that, Delta?!), I feel refreshed and renewed after a much-need change of scenery.

Things I learned:

People in Iowa are all really, really nice.
Your hotel room will contain multiple copies of the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon.
Chocolate-covered corn niblets are a thing.


  1. Multiple copies?! Whoeee! Welcome home, beauty!

  2. Gorgeous light in that shot...glad you made it home sweet home.

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