13 May 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

On Friday, my mom drove in from Rhode Island for a mother's day weekend visit. We also hosted a close family friend with a six-month-old baby for brunch on Saturday, and let me just put this out there for all the world to hear: babies are freaking fantastic. I know I'm probably biased towards this one in particular, but she is just the happiest and most delicious little thing. Even Tiho fell in love with her and commented how "smiley and awesome" she is. I basically held and/or made silly faces at her for the entirety of the afternoon.

Emma came over on Saturday night and we all devoured Thai takeout while engaging in a highly competitive game of Bananagrams. Sadly, I lost every round, which means I need to start reading & writing more to restore my once-stellar vocabulary.

Sunday morning--after coffee, omelets and scones--we gifted my mom a DSLR (her first) and then took a long walk around the harbor so she could learn the basics of manual shooting. This is pretty much the last of the blossoms, so I made sure to grab a few shots in honor of my favorite season.

Hope your weekend was sublime.


  1. your friend's baby is adorable & your mum is beautiful :)

  2. Wow I see where you + your sis get the beautiful eyes from! I must agree-babies ARE freaking fantastic!

  3. You said it! I am baby crazy too only it's kind of a new thing for me. My friend just had a baby three months ago and that kid just melted my heart!!! I have always loved kids and thought babies were cute....Now I am one of those silly face making, one way conversation having, lady without her own kids!

    What a great weekend! Great pics.


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