20 May 2013

Scenes From The Weekend

I went for a long walk in the rain on Sunday. I unexpectedly had the day free when a client needed to reschedule a shoot. After scrambling to fit in all of the errands and chores on Saturday thinking I'd be in the city all day Sunday, it felt like the loveliest little gift to spend an afternoon doing whatever I pleased.

I took the opportunity to explore corners of our town not yet discovered. I wandered down residential side streets and admired colorful landscaping and porch swings. I passed an independent children's book shop and an ice cream parlor. I warmed up with a cup of soup and a lemon bar in a tiny café around the corner from our apartment.

When I returned home again, I changed into my favorite old faded college t-shirt and coziest sweats before settling into the couch waiting for my cup of tea to steep. The rain continued to fall into the evening and all I kept thinking is how it felt exactly like a Sunday ought to feel.

[Photos represent small pleasure-filled things; a brand new tube of toothpaste, homefries hand-fried by a sweet husband, pink flowers on a gray day, DVR catch-up, and the time to sit and read a new magazine cover to cover].


  1. sounds like an amazing Sunday & those fries look awesome :)

  2. I love an unexpectedly free weekend day–this one looks heavenly.

  3. I wanna browse your bookshelf. That's how bookish I am! :-))

  4. Love days like that!!! Thanks for sharing it with us. :)


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