01 May 2013


April snapshots, as captured with my iPhone. Not sure how in the world it's already May, but hey! May is cool.

From top to bottom, left to right:

1). Blossom explosion, 2). Clean sheets, 3). Lilac season, 4). Red doors,
5). First peony, 6). Spring in the city, 7). View from the couch,
8). Meal-planning, 9). My photos in a printed advertisement (!).

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  1. love the view from your couch!!

  2. beautiful - hope you have a wonderful May :)

  3. I was showing Richard your instagram account the other day and he came across the view from the couch picture and goes, "WAIT. THIS is what their house looks like after not even a month of living there?! Your sister is crazy. I lover her." <3

  4. so beautiful, kayla! love all those flowers!


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