15 May 2013

Wednesday Reminder

Made me stop & smile. Also, five [super] random things, because that's how I feel like rollin' today:

1). I would very much like to own a garden gnome. Speaking of, have I ever told you that I once played the role of Happy the Dwarf in a regional theater production of Snow White?

2). A baby goat + a fat pig. Made you smile, yeah?

3). "We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give." -Winston Churchill

4). I don't own a hairbrush. (I use a comb).

5). When I was eleven, I earnestly believed I was a witch. I had a spell book and everything.

Your turn.


  1. You're my little garden gnome. Anything involving a baby goat and fat pig sounds glorious to me. I don't remember this witch phase...refresh me?

    1) I'm currently obsessed with avocados
    2) I believe I have an overly active digestive system...lolz.
    3) I dream of owning my own wellness center in a beautiful suburban town
    4) I envy your photography skills but don't think I possess the innate quality to want to become skilled at it
    5) You're the best sister EVER!!

  2. That adorable goat and that giant pig–can I take them both home to hang out with the garden gnome?

    Random things: John and I wore the same sunglasses today.

    I am eyebrow obsessive. I spent more beauty time on my eyebrows that I do on anything else.

    I've had avocado at lunch and dinner the past two days.

    A plastic bag just floated by my 6th story office window like a teeny tiny cloud.

    My younger brother recently told a story about a feces fight we had as kids. I have no memory of this–and very much doubt I would have voluntarily picked up poop, even to fling it at him. Overshare?

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