04 June 2013

Farmer's Market: Early June

Visiting the farmer's market is one of our most beloved weekly rituals. We meal-plan around whatever is in season and enjoy talking with the local vendors for tips and tricks on how to incorporate their crops into our everyday eating.

This past weekend, after what felt like the longest wait ever, our local farmer's market opened for the season. I jumped out of bed on Saturday eager to survey the selection and fill up a couple of tote bags.

I plan on visually documenting the farmer's market throughout the summer and fall seasons. I love witnessing the transformation. So, without further ado, this week's highlights (essentially, what we've been cooking with these past few days): garlic scapes, french breakfast radishes, sorrel, and strawberries. We need to get ourselves back to the orchard, stat.


  1. mmmm, such delicious colours - I love farmer's markets & fresh produce :)

  2. Those radishes look heavenly–we haven't had any yet!

  3. I love our local (amish) one each weekend...the kids are starting to really enjoy it too! I can't wait until they are old enough to learn from it!


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