21 June 2013

From The 27th Floor Of The Millennium Hotel

Earlier this week, work brought me to One UN New York (formerly Millennium UN Plaza Hotel). I snapped these through the window during a quick break between shooting.

My love for this city is always magnified when I view it from above. If you are a New Yorker, you understand that fluttery, emotional, first-glimpse-of-the-skyline feeling that arises when crossing over a bridge or descending near the airport.

Sometimes this city drives me nuts, but it's also undeniably astounding, and I'm glad to be reminded of that every so often.

P.S. View from: The Empire State Building (at Sunset); Top of the RockHudson River and Brooklyn Bridge Park.


  1. Wow...what an incredible view!

  2. That is one gorgeous structure. It's been my experience that these grand old buildings are rarely kept up, probably too expensive.

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