14 June 2013

High Five!

1). Chamomile flowers. One of the growers at our farmers' market sells bunches of this for $4. Feels so summery in a jar on the window.

2).  Baby dimples; full stop.

3). The park I pass through every day always has toys and bikes scattered around. Loved the juxtaposition of colors here.

4). Pretty diffused light hitting the side of a building in Brooklyn. Just realized the image actually depicts a light. Neat.

5). Manhattan, as viewed from the outdoor terrace of a client's apartment.

High five to these five, and, happy weekend to you! Anything fun planned? I have a shoot on Saturday and a date to go strawberry picking with two girlfriends on Sunday. Today, I'm spending some quality time with my sister (and then Tiho will join us in the city for dinner). Hugs.


  1. hope you have a lovely weekend - we're having a stall at the local farmer's market, which should be fun. Despite the fact that the forecast maximum for Sunday is only 11C

  2. happy summer break.


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