07 June 2013

People Are Good

The nicest thing happened to me the other day. Upon exiting the train, I spent several minutes internally debating whether to try and make a run for it or wait out the impending rain in the station. My umbrella had busted in the city and was subsequently abandoned in a dumpster.

I took my chances and started walking. Not two minutes later, the storm clouds exploded, and rain started falling in sheets. Cursing my bad luck, I stopped at the corner to wait for the walk signal just as a car slowed at the stoplight. The passenger window rolled down to reveal an arm offering a bright pink umbrella. The light turned to green while the woman driving shouted "Here, take mine! You need this more than I do." Momentarily stunned, I froze for a second before grabbing the gift as the car sped off. I practically skipped the entire way home, soaked and cold, but beyond delighted to have been the recipient of such a random act of kindness.

We've had tons and tons of rain these past few weeks. My new umbrella instantly puts me in a good mood, because every time I use it, I am reminded that people are good.


  1. Goodness! What a beautiful story. People are good.

    And that photo is ridiculously beautiful.

  2. meredith b glazerJune 7, 2013 at 7:01 PM

    Wow, what a mitzvah that person did! It's so nice when good things happen to good people!

  3. what a great story! love you!

  4. what a great thing to have happen. makes me happy too just to hear about it.

  5. Oh wow, that makes me so happy! Bon weekend friend. xo (p.s...giveaway on my blog that I would love for you to win...)

  6. How lovely. And awesome that it was pink!


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