17 June 2013

Strawberry Pickin'

Two friends and I drove out to Jones Family Farm in Connecticut over the weekend to appease our strawberry appetite before the season ends. When we were in the fields, we started joking about the proper word to describe the experience and couldn't quite come up with something worthy enough to convey the adorable trucks that escorted us to and from the fields ("berry ferries") or the bucolic blue sky or the rolling green hills and pastures filled with delighted children and their berry-stained cheeks and fingers.

It was a good day.

(iphone photos processed with vscocam. Follow me on instagram: @exquisitebanana.


  1. So sad the season is almost over...my favorite! Looks like a lovely day ;)

  2. mmm, strawberries - gorgeously vivid

  3. berry ferries! I love it, wish I could name my car that :)

  4. ahhh! where is this?! i must go!

  5. jealous i didn't get a berry ferry on my strawberry pickin excursion!


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