21 July 2013

Cape Cod Snapshots

In two weeks, I'll be returning to my favorite place on earth for ten whole days. Last week's mini trip was such a tease: I woke with the birds, walked barefoot everywhere, read an entire novel in 24 hours, sucked butter and salt off a corn cob, and clapped my hands together to elicit laughter from my adorable baby cousin.

This is summer.

P.S. That's my father up there, wearing his umbrella hat and playing his ukulele. Never a dull moment when my family is involved!


  1. These are such beautiful photos Kayla. There is nothing better than a relaxing summer holiday spent at the beach. Have a fabulous trip!

  2. That sounds like really great time! Your father looks so young! :)

  3. Beautiful people, colours and sunsets. Stunning.

  4. what was the novel?
    glad you get to return soon.

    1. Anna Quindlen's "Every Last One." Not exactly uplifting, but a quality read.

  5. Y E S. This is the Cape I remember!


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