31 July 2013

Domesticity Etc.

If fruits were monogamous, peaches and blackberries would totally be married. They go so well together. I've been making some variation of a baked fruit crisp (cobbler?) at lease once per week since the start of summer. When I'm feeling particularly sophisticated, I'll whip out individual ramekins and top them off with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. That happens almost never, so mostly you'll find me standing over the kitchen counter in my pajamas shoveling forkfuls of day-old peach crisp into my mouth before rearranging the dishwasher for the 100th time in order to make room for the dirty pan.

While we're on the subject...dishwashers! Talk about life-changing, man. I had a dishwasher in my first grown-up apartment in Manhattan but never fully appreciated it until living without one for three years when Tiho and I moved in together. Now, we have one again, and I find the oddest satisfaction in hearing it hum to life at the end of a busy day.

Last week, we purchased a robot vacuum. In the beginning, my feelings towards this investment could only be described as extremely apprehensive, but now I am convinced it is the coolest invention ever. I kid you not, the first night we put it to use, I finished an entire glass of wine while following it around the apartment. Picture my techie husband gleefully proclaiming "I told you so" and patting himself on the back as he watched me watch the robot.

It's been four and a half months since we moved into this new home. We feel good here. Moreover, we feel good about the home we are creating here. Home for the win.


  1. Cobbler is such a weakness of mine, YUM. Your home is so cheery + inviting, love it!

  2. Yesterday, John, wearing rubber gloves and shirt speckled with foamy water, said, "I really wish we had a dishwasher." In the 7 odd years we've lived together, he's finally cracked.

    Also, I absolutely LOVE the proportions of that large yellow lamp on the equally sized table. It's perfect.

  3. Cobblers...vacuums...dishwashers...If this isn't your most domestic post yet, I don't know what is.

    But that's what I love about you sistah.

    House looks great-can't wait to visit Saturday!

  4. mmm peaches are definitely one of the things I miss about summer...& I am very glad we have a dishwasher :)


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