01 July 2013

Shades of Apricot & Honey

Multifarious notes:

-My summer days are long, hot and sweaty, spent schlepping camera equipment all over the city. If photographing children isn't considered manual labor, then I don't know what is.

-We're headed away to the mountains for a long wedding weekend over the 4th. I hear there will be canoes! I am excited about the canoes. Also stoked about escaping routine and the computer.

-After avoiding the task for weeks, I finally bit the bullet and went dress shopping. Whenever I am in need of finding a specific item, the rule of the universe says I won't find it, so imagine my gratification in finding two dresses that met my expectations (cocktail-style, form-fitting but comfortable, solid color--preferably black, royal blue or kelly green--a little bit of flair, no alterations needed, high-quality, etc.). I bought both, because we have three weddings in the next three weeks, and every girl deserves to feel great in a fancy new dress, yeah?

-Two years ago today, Tiho proposed in Paris. At the risk of sounding cheesy, I wake up every morning so damn grateful to be able to do life with him. Next month will mark four years together. Upon arriving home after our first date, I called my sister to tell her that I had just eaten dinner with the man I would one day marry. At that time in my life, he was a complete surprise, and that was the most wonderful thing of all.

*Photos / iphone 5


  1. Manual labor for sure. And awwww...so sweet.

  2. went back to read your engagement and through that your french picnic.
    beautiful life.

  3. That spread looks mighty nice-well done. I wanna see the other dress! And yes, I will always remember that fateful night. (I just giggled out loud because I accidentally wrote "fartful" at first and that seemed very fitting). LOve yoU!


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