21 August 2013

For The Love Of A Hometown

During our trip to Cape Cod, we spent a day visiting with my mom in Sandwich, the town in which I attended elementary school and where she has finally returned to live and work after eighteen years away. We moved from Sandwich to Florida when I was nine--the year prior, she and my father had divorced and her older brother was tragically killed. At the time, change was necessary.

I am so glad she's back for good. Sandwich (and Cape Cod in general) has always been home for me. I visited regularly after moving away, mostly due to the fact that we still had the cottage in Brewster on my dad's side of the family.

On this particular afternoon, we walked from her new apartment in the heart of town down to the beach and back along pastoral side streets until we had worked up a hearty appetite for dinner. There's a particular quality to the air there. It makes you want to stretch your arms out, close your eyes, and tilt your face upwards to give thanks to the sky and whatever greater power you believe in.

That's exactly what we did.

(A big thanks to Emma for that shot of Tiho and I. Cheesy, but hey! That's who we are).


  1. Such beautiful images–they made me smile this afternoon despite a mountain of work!

  2. Gorgeous...love that shot of you two!

  3. Just catching up on the past several posts... Your photos and words are always so wonderful, Kayla. Summer on Cape Cod looks perfect. The happiness and relaxation shine through each and every one. I really must write you a real letter soon... xo

  4. Meow, your sister is such a babe!
    Gorgeous photos, as always. :)


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