23 August 2013

One Hour In Hoboken With Baby Ava

Ava turned one this summer, which obviously constituted a special portrait session! We spent our time together frolicking the Hoboken waterfront and exploring in nearby parks and playgrounds.

How photogenic is this child? And such a charmer, too. Her many talents include clapping, laughing, climbing, pointing and smiling.

I'll see this gorgeous family again in December when they welcome baby # 2...a boy! Absolutely cannot wait.


  1. What a hoot she is: Magical! Great shots sweetie!

  2. What a little doll!
    One of my best friends just moved to Hoboken, a place I've never been, so it's nice to see a perspective like this!

  3. That is the most photogenic baby I have ever seen! You really captured her personality as well.


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