20 August 2013

Photographing Faces

Sometimes, perfect light insists that you stop and snap a few photos to commemorate joyful moments.

This makes me think about the inherent value in photographing people. In 50 years, will our grandchildren want to look at pictures of our perfectly styled coffee tables or will they want to look at pictures of us laughing with loved ones? For me, one of the greatest factors in deciding to pursue portrait photography had to do with the desire to document human connection.

I have to remember this when I shoot personally. I want photos of my loved ones. I want to be in photos with my loved ones. At the end of the day, they are what matters.

"Dance if you drink that whisky / dance if you drink that wine / 
Dance if it makes you happy / happy just to be alive." 
-Brendan James, "Nightlife" 


  1. Needed this reminder! I have very few photos of myself with my family because I am always taking photos.

    Hope all is well!

  2. I agree! I prefer photos of people much more than things. I have a section on my blog dedicated to photos I've taken of people I've met while traveling.

  3. simply gorgoeus - happy, fun photos of/with loved ones are the best :)

  4. these are beautiful! and what a beautiful reminder, too - thank you :)

  5. Completely agree - I sometimes wonder what our grandchildren will think of all those wedding photos of people's feet!


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