16 August 2013

Roots & Wings

I'm just beginning to sort through my vacation photos from Cape Cod. I was all fine and dandy being back in New York until I started to look through these. Then I felt like I wanted to cry.

I constantly feel as though I am pulled in two directions. I love New York with this fierce sort of undying love and will soon reach my ten year anniversary of living/working here. It's where I came at seventeen and found my independence. College, relationships, heartbreak, friendship, graduate school, career, love, engagement, marriage--thus far, all of my adult life is planted here.


My roots are planted somewhere else, and whenever I return to them, the life I've created here becomes slightly less clear.

As a child, growing up in New England was magical. Now that the notion of having a baby feels like something that is likely to happen in the not-so-far-off future (God willing!), I can't help but think about what kind of childhood I want to create for my children.

Everyone tells me we don't have to decide these things yet. I know that to be true. But, I also know myself. And sometimes, the mysteries of the future seem just a little bit too mysterious for my liking.

"There are two lasting gifts we can give our children: One is roots. The other is wings." 
-Hodding Carter


  1. That is a beautiful quote...and I'm right there with you about the mysteries of the future. I also grew up in New England and yearn for it...I miss it terribly. Pennsylvania has stolen a piece of my heart though, so I am happy here...but we will certainly be introducing New England to the kids very soon! Beautiful photos, as always Kayla.

  2. These images are beautiful, and the sentiment is even more so. I've been struggling with my roots lately–wanting to come home, but loving so much of my life in San Francisco. But sometimes it seems like the decisions are made for us, and I'm okay with that, too–for now.

  3. You captured a sentiment that I've begun to feel lately. Thank you for sharing!! You brought a tear to my eye too!!


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