13 September 2013


Randomness from September thus far:

1). Evening walks to the harbor to regroup & decompress.

2). My husband with a baby = the most natural thing.

3). Crazy pigeons on central park south.

4). Bouquet of dahlias from the farmer's market (now brown and wilted).

5). First week song (to the tune of "Hello Everybody Yes Indeed") for those who might be familiar.

I'm currently sucked into the vortex of back-to-school and loving every minute of it. No time for any (personal) picture-taking, though hoping to get back into that groove soon. For now, I am happily kneading playdough and planning October field trips to the pumpkin farm. All is well.


  1. beautiful boats...thank you.
    you two are in for a cutie when it's your turn!!

  2. My first thought when I saw that second photo was, "What a natural Tiho is!". Things sound wonderful in your neck of the woods.


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