03 September 2013

Shenanigans // Hello September

Ah, September. I head back into the classroom this week, mentally preparing to charge ahead full steam for the next month. Back-to-school is always nutty, but this year promises to be even more so, since my school moved uptown into a brand new building over the summer. I'm simultaneously excited and disquieted to transition into this next season. I think, more than anything, I anticipate the lack of sleep/general busy-ness and become prematurely anxious.

But really, it's nothing that a well-timed glass of wine, yummy-smelling candle, and the Nina Simone pandora station can't cure.

And lists. Plenty of lists.

Speaking of lists, how about a bullet point list of autumnal happy makers? Sounds like a great way to avoid those other lists, yeah?

-Pumpkin/apple picking
-Sweater weather
-Sunday funday (football)
-Apple cider donuts
-Honey-colored trees
-Hayrides & haunted houses
-New school supplies
-Fall festivals
-Butternut squash soup

Your turn!

[Photos // September 2013 // Typical Weekending]


  1. Just sat down to make my own list of happy fall things earlier this morning! I had to simply because I've got the, "Well, summer is over, now what? Can I actually HANDLE everything that's sure to come my way?" going on.

    Can't wait to see some of your autumn adventures!

  2. Holy lists–thank goodness for 'em! I'm sure it'll be crazy but exciting, and I can't wait to hear about the new class of cuties!

  3. Oh I miss apple picking. I remember going a couple of times in upstate NY where I grew up. But here in Texas we are seriously lacking in apple orchards.

  4. awesome photos, lol

    spring is starting here, so I'm looking forward to: bare feet, skirts & dresses, blossoms, sunshine & fresh asparagus :)


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