14 October 2013

Catching Up

Life is rambling forward at top-speed 'round these parts: it doesn't exactly bode well to dedicating time to this space. In all honesty, I don't mind. Four and a half years of blogging will do that to you. Right now I'm content in the ebb. I'm sure the flow will return in due time.

I spend large portions of my weekends shooting. So far, fall in New York has been unseasonably warm. Up until a week ago, daily highs were in the 70s. The tell-tale autumn crispness finally crept in. I can't leave the house without a coat anymore, and the leaves are now beginning to turn. It makes all of the hours chasing kids around Central Park feel like a special treat rather than work.

This past Saturday, Tiho turned 28. I planned a surprise outing to the Hudson River Valley. We woke up at the crack of dawn (literally) to drive the 1.5 hours upstate to the charming town of Tivoli, NY. I chartered a private early morning sail with Tivoli Sailing (complete with a four course meal, music, and white wine). I cannot recommend the experience highly enough. Pictured above; our view of the Saugerties Lighthouse B&B from the boat.

Afterwards, we warmed up with coffee from a tiny bakery and struck up a delightful conversation with a stranger named Bob while lounging on the bakery porch (above). Bob attended Bard College several years ago and while he now resides in the Pacific Northwest, he returns to the Hudson River Valley whenever he is back East. We both really liked Bob and commented  how effortless chatting with him felt. We rounded out the remainder of the day exploring other historic towns in the area--our favorites being Rhinebeck and Kingston. While driving home later in the afternoon, our entire discussion centered on the possibility of building a life there. Wheels are a' turning, my friends...

When I'm not scheming about the future, I'm content to be here: in my little classroom passing my days alongside the antics of twelve totally awesome three-year-olds. This is actually an older snapshot taken the first week of school back in September. That rainbow welcome train has since been replaced with lots of colorful artwork. October is always a ridiculously busy month. Since we're an international school, we celebrate United Nations Day with a big family potluck, games, and a multicultural sing-a-long. That's happening next week, followed by a field trip to a pumpkin farm the following week, and then parent/teacher conferences the first week of November. Digital portfolios and conference reports to complete between now and then, yikes.

I don't know why blogger randomly decided to give this photo a sepia-tint (ugh) but it's okay!

This is me, happy and immersed in this current season of life. Can't really ask for more than that.


  1. beautiful busy life and happy birthday to tiho.

  2. What a delightful update, and yeah 4 and half years of blogging will do that to you. The return to this space will always feel more organic and welcome if the occasional absence feels right at the time. So you just take it as it comes. Loved the photos as always.
    Lastly, one day, I want to be like Bob.

  3. That photo of you is STUNNING, Tiho's birthday sounds incredible and Lanlettie put it perfectly about the magic of this post.

  4. I love you so much sista. I think this post is really honest to where you're at right now in your life. I'm damn proud of you!

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