09 October 2013

"Day In The Life" Session

I recently began offering a more comprehensive "Day In The Life" shoot to my family photography clients. Here's a recent session demonstrating the concept (complete with commentary, 'cause I'm cool like that).

Wake up. Moisturize. Get dressed:

Story time. Mom & Dad do the best voices:

Now? Cuddles on the big bed:

Music! Hooray!

And an outfit change. (Gotta be fancy):

Let's go outside (leaves, tunnels, gymnastics, oh my!):

Back into the house for a nap. But wait! Mom has bubbles:

Think I have time to squeeze in an errand or two?

Or a quick game of catch?

...Aaaand done. Guess it's time to call it a day.

(Additional information for "Day in the Life" photo stories can be found here).


  1. That is one expressive baby! Love these photographs. You are one very talented lady!

  2. Love the 'day in the life' concept, the photos are wonderful! x


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