09 October 2013

"Day In The Life" Session

I recently began offering a more comprehensive "Day In The Life" shoot to my family photography clients. Here's a recent session demonstrating the concept (complete with commentary, 'cause I'm cool like that).

Wake up. Moisturize. Get dressed:

Story time. Mom & Dad do the best voices:

Now? Cuddles on the big bed:

Music! Hooray!

And an outfit change. (Gotta be fancy):

Let's go outside (leaves, tunnels, gymnastics, oh my!):

Back into the house for a nap. But wait! Mom has bubbles:

Think I have time to squeeze in an errand or two?

Or a quick game of catch?

...Aaaand done. Guess it's time to call it a day.

(Additional information for "Day in the Life" photo stories can be found here).


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