02 October 2013

Foraging For Sticks

When you teach preschool, you become a garbage hoarder.

Toilet paper tubes? Recyclable art project!

Mismatched buttons? Pattern game!

Cereal box? Cardboard frame!

Egg carton? Sorting tray!

It's actually quite comical. Over the weekend, I informed Tiho that we needed to go for a walk to collect sticks. (Since you're curious, we made a batch of fall "spice" playdough in school and I wanted to replace the usual tools--rollers, pressers, cookie cutters--with something more organic).

With requisite un-brushed weekend hair and a small bag for collecting, we headed to the park and nature trail across the street for a foraging adventure. There might have been skipping involved. And a deer sighting. And self-timer pictures on the boardwalk.

A quality Saturday evening, let me tell you.


  1. You look so gorg in that lighting!

  2. Sounds like the perfect evening to me...and I need to bookmark these preschool ideas of yours!

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