18 November 2013

Amber, Chestnut, Tortoiseshell


Part of speech: Adjective.
Definition: "Dark, burnished color."

Synonyms: Amber, bronze, buff, brunette, butterscotch, café au lait, chestnut, chocolate, coffee, fawn, ginger, mahogany, russet, tortoiseshell.

I've always declared myself a mostly anti-beige, non-neutral type of person. Think I may be changing my tune a bit. Although, to be fair, I usually admire brown the most when it's paired with light. Just about anything illuminated by incandescent light causes the sensation of fairies somersaulting in my belly.

Photos: November 2013 // Manhattan


  1. Beautiful photos, and then you put those charming little fairies in my belly–a heavenly post.

  2. That first shot is the stuff of storybooks. You really have a gift!

  3. These are so beautiful. For years I fought against my natural pull towards brown thinking it was an uncool colour. I'm so happy it has become more easily available in clothes as now I've finally embraced it as one of my best neutrals to wear. Happy New Year to you!


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