27 November 2013


This sweater is my current go-to item of choice when it comes to clothing. It's snuggly and soft and loose enough to feel like pajamas but tailored enough to pass as an outfit when paired with black leggings or jeans. It also happens to be a quality shade of butternut yellow, which really seals the deal, in my opinion.

Can you believe it's December this weekend? The holidays have arrived, and with them, my desire to sit around and be a total laze. Is it possible to be an extroverted hermit? Because I sorta think that's what I am at heart.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here's a very stream-of-conscious gratitude list:

Slouchy knit hats with a pompom on top.

Two-year-olds. I've been photographing a fair amount of two-year-olds recently, and holy cow man, two-year-olds are hysterical.

A husband who cooks, because, duh.

A sister who is always up for a spontaneous afternoon coffee date.

Family in general. The older I get, the more I realize that family is everything and really, the only thing.

Christmas music on full-blast.

Books that suck you in and convince you there's no better way to spend an afternoon than curled up in the corner of the couch.

Toothbrush protectors that look like smiley faces.

A full night's sleep (and coffee when there's not).

Secretly believing I was an elf in another life.

A steadily growing business and the people I meet because of it.

Things like this: Flash Mob Orchestra.

And this: Puppy Naps with Toddler Everyday.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! Here's to a joyful final month of 2013.


  1. happy turkey day to you my gorgeous friend.

  2. Love these wonderful things–and a sweater that's as comfy as pjs that still manages to make you look as gorgeous as you do in those images. I'm thankful that I have a few days off to finish up a looming application–December, here we come!

  3. That's funny… because I have been calling myself an outgoing introvert lately. We are the same? Somehow?


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