06 November 2013

Joyful Noise

This past Saturday, I had a three-hour break between shoots, so Emma and I met up for brunch and a much needed catch-up. After eggs benedict and mimosas, we strolled over to central park west, where the peak fall foliage, dappled sunlight and Em's perfect jawline were almost too much to handle.

I know I already awarded the first place autumnal prize to New England, but after spending the entirety of my afternoon in central park on Saturday, I think this city deserves a blue ribbon of its own.

See what I mean?

Also, hands in the air for a pair of fake hipster glasses, yeaaaah!


  1. You crack me up like no other. Thank you for the anatomy shout out ;). I still feel bad about ditching you early for yoga lolz. Love you pistah

  2. Haah! She does have a perfect jawline.

  3. you two are gorgeous, as is the autumn colour :)


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