31 January 2014

On This Day

On this last day of January, I:

Succumbed to the flu symptoms I've battled all week. Hello congestion, fever and achy everything.

Baked a citrus yogurt cake on a whim that promptly got thrown into the garbage because it was an oily dense mess (why??).

Drank four cups of tea and ate scrambled eggs on avocado toast with extra hot sauce in attempts to clear my sinuses.

Went through two entire rolls of toilet paper whilst blowing my nose (tissue supply was gone within an hour).

Watched old food network episodes and this week's Law & Order: SVU.

Rolled around in bed trying to find a comfortable position (lying flat immediately stuffs me up).

Swallowed two capsules of Vitamin C and one vial of Oscillococcinum.

Read an issue of Vogue.

Thought about taking a shower.

Brushed my teeth twice.

Rearranged my camera collection. (I say "collection" loosely).

Researched potential trips for spring break and summer vacation (Barcelona?).

Emptied the dishwasher.

Sat at my desk wrapped up in a blanket (remember, lying down means I can't breathe) to surf the internet (do people still say that?)

Hoped for this annoying sickness to find its way out of my body sometime over the weekend so February can start on a high note.


How was your day?


  1. Ugh, being sick is awful! Isn't it amazing how just thinking about taking a shower takes so much effort? Here's to feeling better soon!

  2. There's nothing crummier than the flu–hope you're feeling better soon!


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