28 February 2014

February 2014 Self-Portrait: Searching For Warmth

I recently found out I have a small vitamin D deficiency, which caused me to promptly ask my doctor if I should spend more time outside. He replied that it doesn't exactly work that way before prescribing me a multivitamin. I usually remember to take my vitamin every morning, but if I'm being totally honest, I just want to go outside again and actually enjoy being there.

During my morning trek to the train, I try to notice something new along the route. The past week or two, I've taken to assessing the ice and snow mounds on the sidewalk in my neighborhood and how many inches they've melted down since my walk the previous morning. I think it's going to be at least another few weeks until they're gone for good, which pains me to even think about. I miss the grass.

I usually like snow. I usually like winter. But I'm so completely done with this one.

This photo was taken on one of three non-freezing days New York experienced this past month. For the most part, I haven't left the house since January without a puffer coat, wool hat, heavy scarf, gloves and snow boots. That would have been a more accurate portrait, but this one is more hopeful, and hope is where I'm choosing to focus my energy right now.

March, I'm ready for you.

(I'm thinking March's self-portrait might need to be blossom-themed? Blossoms, ahh!).


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