14 March 2014

Amara the Great

I'm obviously biased, but isn't little miss Amara just the cutest munchkin you ever did see? She's my cousin's firstborn who we visited in DC last month. She's legitimately the friendliest toddler I've ever met (smiles & waves for anyone), is a master snuggler, and happens to be one of the smartest kiddos I know. Amara took an immediate liking to Tiho and would walk around the house calling "Tee-oh? Teeohhh??" and then break out in a huge grin when he'd greet her.

She loves:

-Dance parties
-The baby in her mama's belly (due any day now!)
-Reading storybooks
-Climbing on top of furniture
-Looking out the window and naming what she sees
-Wrestling with her daddy
-Purses (and breaking into lipsticks in zippered pockets)

Man, I adore this kid.

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