22 March 2014

High Five!

1). My mama's pretty palette. She's working on a painting for me, and I loved sneaking a peek while visiting her on the Cape this week.

 2). My new spring jacket. More importantly, the fact that it's actually warm enough to wear it!

 3). Massachusetts charm. I could photograph architecture in New England all day, every day.

 4). This friendly (and regal) pup. We passed her while seeking a spot for lunch in a quaint South Shore town on Thursday.

5). This delicious-smelling bouquet. Sweet peas have my heart.

High five to these five. And, happy weekend to you. (And spring break to me, yeehaw!).


  1. Love the shots and so loved seeing you and laughing and sharing and noshing. I love you sweetie! Beautiful shots!

  2. Oh, New England, you ARE beautiful! What great shots of your week. :)

  3. What lovely shots! The architecture in England is no doubt very remarkable and you look so pretty and fresh, I love your hair!!


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